About us

Yes, you guessed it! Or maybe you didn't guess it. The founder of SON is a woman. Not just any woman. Lake Louise is the CEO (Chief EcoBeauty Officer) for SMB Essentials, who also created Lotus Moon.

Having had great success with her first brand, Lotus Moon, it was only fair that a line for men be created that equaled the quality, integrity and purity of Lotus Moon. In fact, men have been asking for years "When will you be developing products for men?"... Honestly, she didn't feel the urgency since she didn't have a need to use men's grooming products. Ha!

The time came and she could no longer ignore the calling to create a truly effective, safe and non-toxic line for men. Although men may not be as vigilant about their skin care needs as women, that is changing.

SON is for men. SON is for the father, brother, uncle. For all men. For all men who take great care in their grooming and styling.

SON performance-based grooming care solutions for men combine safe, active and certified organic ingredients to deliver healthy long-term results. A complete grooming and skin care system for men developed exclusively to address the gender specific shaving and skin care needs of men.

SON formulations use therapeutic blends of essential oils and extracts along with concentrated levels of active ingredients to help address the different imbalances in the skin. The SON range of products prepares the skin, stabilizes the imbalances and stimulates cellular turnover to reveal healthy looking skin.